ADDCON Africa Feed & Grain Additives (Pty) Ltd joins the PFI

We are proud to be accepted as an associated member of the PFI and are looking forward to a mutual beneficial business relationship for many years to come.

How to responsibly treat your pet

What would life be without delicious food and tasty treats? Whether an emotional eater or health conscious occasional treater, everyone can relate to the joys of stepping outside of a strict diet. And boy do we want to share the pleasures with our pets, but before you go...

First aid no substitute for veterinary care, says Royal Canin®, but it may save a pet’s life

Pet first aid is a critical part of responsible pet ownership. Every pet owner should be familiar with basic first aid in emergency situations. But, says dog and cat health nutrition manufacturer and distributor, Royal Canin®, first aid should be immediately followed by a visit...

Twiggy bounces back after severe abuse

Twiggy’s story is one of thousands that the world hears of daily. And, sadly, the ones we hear about seem to be just a small percentage of cases. The story of Twiggy is as heart-breaking and heart-warming as the many we hear and see each day. A story of hope from Royal Canin.