• Background


    Why join the PFI? Benefits of membership:

    • Publicly display commitment to international standards of quality & safety in pet nutrition
    • Align with a well-respected industry association that
      • Promotes safe, quality pet nutrition
      • Promotes responsible pet ownership
      • Aids in the enforcement of legal standards in pet food nutrition
      • Randomly conducts testing, to verify the quality of pet food products found on shelves
      • Handles and investigates consumer concerns related to pet food and pet nutrition
      • Encourages an industry code of conduct that ensures ethical sales and marketing
    • Benefit from industry representation on a governmental and legislative level
    • Keep up to date with industry related information
    • Benefit from increased sales and a sound reputation due to your commitment to overall pet wellbeing and safe nutrition
    • The PFI offers members the benefit of:
      • An early warning system
      • Guidance on preferred suppliers
      • Industry-related statistics and insights
      • Guidance on the workings of the pet food industry
      • Information sharing, collaboration, education / training, mentorship, support and problem solving
  • Our Membership Promise

    The PFI is dedicated to upholding international standards of quality & safety in pet nutrition. Members of the PFI commit to these values and ensure their pet food is aligned with ethical and safe food processes, giving you total peace of mind in knowing that what it says on the bag is exactly what’s in the bag.

    Why choose a PFI member brand?

    • PFI member brands promote responsible pet ownership and are committed to the production of quality pet food products that are not only safe for pets, but for those who purchase and handle their products as well.
    • The PFI ensures that legal standards in pet food nutrition are met and maintained, with the wellbeing of South African pets as the focus.
    • The PFI conducts random tests to ensure that products are of a high quality and that their contents reflect the claims made on their packaging, for both members and non-members alike.
    • Consumer concerns and pet food complaints handled by the PFI are thoroughly investigated using independent, accredited laboratories. Cases of non-compliance are addressed with the manufacturer and escalated to the Legislator (being Act 36 of 1947 at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)).
    • The PFI addresses industry legislative matters, ensuring that the legislation is applied equally by all market participants to promote a safe, sustainable environment that ensures quality & food safety standards are on par with international standards.
    • The PFI encourages an industry code of conduct that ensures ethical sales and marketing.
  • Our Members

    AFGRI Animal Feeds Liebe ADDCON Africa Feed & Grain Additives
    AFRIPET (Pty) Ltd Lokuno Alcom Feeds
    Agricol Martin & Martin (Pty) Ltd Alltech Biotechnology SA
    AHA Voere Master's Choice Bitek Feed Science
    Amigo Max Munchies BJK Industries (Pty) Ltd
    Animalzone Montego Pet Nutrition Cargill Premix & Nutrition
    Aqua Plus NicheBrands Chemuniqué
    AVI Plus Nourish Dog Treats Com-Chem Trading
    AVI Products Nutribyte Diana Pet Food
    Bella NutritionHUB DSM Nutritional Products SA (Pty) Ltd
    Bhenyati Promotions cc Omega Pet Foods

    Energy Oil (Pty) Ltd

    Bob Martin Pamper Kemin
    Borbely Trading cc Petley's Mérieux NutriSciences
    Boss Promeal (Pty) Ltd Nutri Se7en Advances
    Butch Purina One Protein Feeds
    Candy Colours Trading RCL Provimi SSA (Pty) Ltd
    Complete Pet Food Rimax SA Premix
    Cube Route (Pty) Ltd Rocky Saltcom
    DogSense Royal Canin SA Southern Cape Fish Meal
    Dorven Foods & Feeds cc Supreme Pet TIC-SA
    Emerald Gold Technopet Trouw Nutrition
    Enerdog Thee Cat Food
    Epol Thee Dog Food
    Fancy Feast Top Dog Panorama Publications
    Farm Dog Top Pet Xantah Research
    Friskies Top Tail
    Hills Pet Nutrition Trusty
    Husky Vet's Choice
    Iams VetsBrands
    Icehaven Vitagen
    Jock Dog Food WUMA Dog Food
    Juanva Dog Food Your Companion
    K9 Zogo

    An Ordinary Member of the PFI is the individual firm or company directly engaged in the manufacture (either itself or through a third party) or distributor of pet foods whose brands are directly owned or distributed by it. Those persons or companies that own their own branded pet food products (potentially as a private label) and whose primary business is to put up such pet food to the general public for resale (retailing) shall be included in this category.

    A Special Affiliate Member of the PFI is an individual firm or company whose primary business includes putting up pet food to the general public for resale (retailing), but who does not own its own branded pet food products potentially as a private label.

    An Affiliate Member of the PFI is an individual factory or plant of a firm or company involved in manufacturing and supplying raw materials, vitamins or minerals for inclusion in pet food or any industry related to pet food, consultants, companies, legal entities or firms whose business is related to pet food.

    An Associate Member of the PFI shall be any association, charity, educational institution, statutory body involved with pets, or research into pets, or pet food, but not directly involved for profit in pet food, including media representatives, who may be invited and duly elected to Associate Membership in terms of the Articles of Association of the PFI.

  • Directors and committees

    Johan van Jaarsveld Montego Pet Nutrition Chairman
    Christina de Beer RCL Foods Deputy Chairperson
    Dominique Kuhlmann PFI Executive Director
    Dr. Sarah Miller Cube Route
    Alexis Bray Royal Canin S.A.
    Bronwyn Fulton AVI Products
    Henk Jutte Complete Pet Food
    Nadine Gibbens DSM
    Liezel van Bergen AFGRI Animal Feeds
    Suretha van Breda Trouw Nutrition


    Nutritional Standards Committee:
    The PFI’s strongest and most active committee, the Nutritional Standards Committee (or NSC) busies itself working on all matters that may affect pet food quality and legislation. The committee monitors the workings of the DAFF committees (Feed Forum, Food Safety Forum, Compliance Forum) and debates these outcomes, considering whether proposals should be accepted or not, feeding information through to the PFI Board of Directors. The committee also monitors new developments with regard to worldwide nutrition, GAPFA (Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations) work output and direction taken, benchmarks with FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry Federation) & AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials), drives the SABS Standards and discusses all SABS Committee developments that may have an influence on pet food. The committee considers self-policing methodology and all issues that may influence the nutritional quality of pet food, including international animal health trends.
    Packaging & Labelling Committee:

    The Packaging & Labelling Committee was only recently formed to prepare for deregulation of pet food advertising and packaging reviews, which it is aimed to direct to the Advertising Standards Authority. Together with an outside consultant, the committee has developed an industry code that will be placed as an annexure on the ASA Code.

    The committee proactively reviews packaging and labelling and will continue to do so, to ensure limited deviation from the impending ASA code.

    Marketing Committee:
    The Marketing Committee was formed to drive and manage all PFI-related marketing activities. Formed by various PFI member brands, the committee acts as a sounding board, offering a representation of the industry through PFI communication.
    Statistics Committee:
    The Statistics Committee was formed for the purpose of problem solving, as related to industry statistics.

    The PFI also has representation on various legislative levels, acting as representation for all stakeholders, to ensure the association and stakeholders remain informed and included in pertinent decisions. These include:

    • DAFF & Act 36
    • LAFIF/ Feed Industry Liaison with DAFF
    • Agri-SETA
    • ASA representative
    • SAVA
    • SABS pet food working group
    • SABS STANSA 70D (Trade Metrology)
    • SABS STANSA 489 (GMP Feed Milling)
  • Member Codes